Election Rules and Regulations

The following are the nine articles of the American Electoral Battle Commission. Rule 0 has been appended to the original list as of the F.C. 67 electoral battle.:

(Presently, the nine articles of the American Electoral Battle Commission have been suspended under emergency order.)

0. Any political party, group, or organization which receives a minimum of support in the primaries will receive public financing supplementing their own funds enough to equal the average funding of the top three competitors of the previous election battle.
Supplement: Mobile Fighters must be built roughly to the same scale.

1. A unit whose head section has been destroyed is disqualified.

2. A Gundam Fighter must never aim at the cockpit of an opponent’s Gundam.
Supplement: Accidental harm inflicted on a Gundam Fighter during a match is acceptable.

3. A Gundam Fighter may repair any damage to their Gundam as often as they desire and move on to the championship league, as long as the head section has not been destroyed.

4. A Gundam Fighter must take full responsibility for protecting their own Gundam.

5. A match shall only be held on a one-on-one basis.

6. A Gundam Fighter shall not taint the honor and dignity of the party, group, or organization they are representing.

7. A Gundam Fighter’s advancement to the championship election fight is decided by tournament ranking.
Supplement: Alternatively, advancement can be secured by the popular vote.

8. America is the ring!
Supplement: Destruction of property due to the Gundam Fight is not considered a crime.


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Election Rules and Regulations

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