Sabina the Younger

Spoiled Brat


Character Traits:
Strength: 3
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 2

Mecha Combat: 5
Personal Combat: 2
Social: 3
Field Ops: 1
Repair: 1
Medic: 1

Traits: Aggressive, Spoiled, Rich

Gundam Fighter
Model: GF15-001NA-LP
Weapons: 4
Armor: 2
Technology: 1
Speed: 3

Calculated Stats: (Combined from Character Stats and Mecha Stats)
Attack = 9 (Weapons + Pilot’s Stat)
Defense = 7 (Armor + Pilot’s Stat)
Engineering/Initiative = 6 (Technology + Pilot’s Stat)
Movement = 8 (Speed + Pilot’s Stat)

Shadow Fist: (1/Energy)
Shadow Wing Slice: (0/Energy)
Tail Stab: (0/Impact)
Thicc Kick: (1/Impact)

Berserker: Spend 1 Overdrive to attack twice with weapons of same damage type, rolling separately for each attack. Even if you have Supercharged, though, you cannot fire the same weapon in the same turn.
Winged Range: Spend 1 Overdrive point to treat the next attack as a range 4 attack.

DG Cellular Transformation
Game Effects: Before making an Attack or Movement roll, the player may spend Overdrive to activate Transformer.
The player then chooses one of 3 Configurations which his mecha will gain. It still requires Overdrive to activate the new Configuration.
Unlike other Configurations, the effects of Transformer do not end at the beginning of the player’s next turn.
In fact, it is considered to have its new Configuration until another point of Overdrive is spent to change it. All other rules of the Configuration apply.

Available Configurations:
Succubus Shift Spend 1 Overdrive point avoid being hit by any attack range 2 or higher
Underworld Seduction Spend 1 Overdrive point to force the opponent to invalidate all successful dice on their next turn and force rerolls.
Boomer – Spend 1 Overdrive to attack all mecha at once next turn.


Bought her spot in the competition from the Libertarian Party.

Sabina the Younger

Super-Election! Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Neo America, F**K YEAH!!! Teleute Teleute