Sir Max

British Reclamation Party Pilot


Character Traits:
Strength: 4
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 1
Willpower: 2

Mecha Combat: 5
Personal Combat: 3
Social: 1
Field Ops: 1
Repair: 2
Medic: 2

Trait Group 1: Dedicated, Confident, Explosive

Gundam Fighter
Model: GF15-001NA-BRP Knight Gundam
Weapons: 3
Armor: 3
Technology: 1
Speed: 4

Calculated Stats: (Combined from Character Stats and Mecha Stats)
Attack = 7 (Weapons + Str)
Defense = 5 (Armor + Willpower)
Engineering = 2 (Technology + Intelligence)
Movement = 7 (Speed + Agility)

Enery Lance (Pole Vault) (0/Energy)
Horse Head Cannon (Discus) (3/Impact)
Sheld (0/Energy)

Split: Split into two smaller robots, the GF15-000.5NA-BRP-1 Jousting Gundam & GF15-000.5NA-BRP-2 Gundam Steed
Fuctionally the same as activating either Berserker (both mechs attacking seperately) or Bulwark (both mechs attacking together).
Berserker: Before making an Attack roll, the player may spend 1 point of Overdrive to activate Berserker. This allows the player to attack using two (and only two) weapons of the same damage type. The attacking player rolls two separate Attack rolls and each Attack is Defended against separately. Both of the Attacker’s weapons must cooldown as normal.
Bulwark: Effects: Before making a Movement or Attack roll, the player may spend 1 point of Overdrive to activate Bulwark. The player may choose to allocate as many dice from Movement to Attack until the start of the player’s next turn.

Available Configurations [The EQUINE TEAM PLAYER pack]:
Bi-angulate – Learn an enemy’s systems and status and give an ally a bonus to attack it
Veterinary Duo – spend overdrive to repair an allied mecha
Intimidating Dressage – shut down a mecha’s configurations and prevent starting new ones until next turn


Full Name: Sir Maxwell Nigel Windsor-Down-Low-and-Maidenheadmire-High Huntingdonshireford