Super-Election! Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Neo America, F**K YEAH!!!

Final Episode: The Election Fight Day!

Team Kamehameha (Rep’d by the British Reclamation & Pride Parties) 1
The Union of the Right (Rep’d by the Anti-Corruption Party & the National Front) 0

Team Kamehameha Wins and Forms A Coalition Government

The new government operates via a simple point system but the new political order is still become established. However, some early trends have already sedimented into political reality and the law of the land:

Prohibition is de facto official and alcohol can only be purchased through official channels. Official mafia channels. Evelyn’s official mafia channels.

Hawaiʻi has gained regional sovereignty and local issues are now decided by a new maoli constitutional monarchy via the Kawānanakoa line. Neo America handles federal and international issues. Saji Nobunaga acts as an investigator for the H.S.D.F. This is primarily for his own vanity.

Neo Brexit happened while everyone was distracted and Neo England has joined in a tight customs and trade union with Neo America. Talks are currently underway to bring Neo Aotearoa, Neo Australia, and Neo Canada into the union despite critics calling it Neo Anglo Imperialism. Sir Max has been granted a lordship and regency of the British Virgin Islands. He is managing it… not horribly.

LGBTQQICAPF2K+ rights are enforced with harsh penalties for violators. Rolan and Sam got married and Rolan continues to advocate for expanded civil rights, in this case for clones and sapient A.I. Sam still serves Saji by acting as his liaison to both the Neo American armed forces and the H.S.D.F. The original Higgins has a bum knee but is happily retired far away in Neo Tahiti.

Francis Drake’s algorithmically informed gambit of covertly supporting the British Reclamation, Prohibition, and Hawai’ian Independence Parties’ pilots paid off and he personally fulfills most of the roles of the president of Neo America with the official, if slightly awkward, title of First Among Equals Prime Minister. The last president of Neo America, Barron Walker Schwarzenegger, acts as his chief of staff and may have been in on everything from the start.

Due to the turmoil of the election battle distracting from preparations, Neo America is not favorites to win the competition at the international level. However, the results of the resent election battle should be a warning to those counting out the underdog.

Bonus Scene: Alcohol, Bitch!

Anti-Corruption Party 1, Libertarian Party $
Evelyn 1, “Sabina” Hologram 0
Rolan 0, Drunkenness 1

Bonus Scene: The Queen's Dagger

Sir Max 1, Titlelessness 0
Cyborg-Corgis 1, Fur-free Pantslegs 0
Sir Max’s Composure 0, The Queen’s Commission 1
The Queen’s Hand’s Dignity 0, The Queen’s Dagger’s Ego 2
The Queen’s Hand Love, Sam Higgerman Love

Alliances Formalized
Team Kamehameha
(British Reclamation Party, Hawaiʻian Independence Party, Pride Party, Prohibition Party, Royal Privateer Party)


The Union of the Right/Reich
(Libertarian Party, Nationalist Front)

Episode 12: No Fist Bumps for You

Pirate Party Branding 0, Royal Privateer Party 1
Political Reality 1, Communist Party Fight Participation 0
Team Kamehameha 1, The Pride Party 1. Everybody wins!

Episode 11: Team Kamehameha

Sir Max 1, The Queen’s Hand 0
The Queen 0, Bad Tea 1
Saji 1, Gender Pronouns 0
Ethical Election Fight Rules 0, Conspiracy Business 1

Vote Results:
Coalition The Prohibition Party
Coalition The Hawai’ian Independence Party
Coalition The British Reclamation Party
Coalition The Pirate Party
Individual The Libertarian Party
Coalition The Communist Party
Individual The Nationalist Front
Individual The Pride Party

Coalition Rules Win, 5 to 3!

Episode 10: Put Your Faith in the Heart of the Horse!

Evelyn Rose 1, Spoiled Mob Brat 0
Sir Max 10, The Queen’s Hand 8

Episode 9: Blue Blazers!

Higgins 1, Getting Kidnapped 0
The Party of Parties 1, Bio Gundam 0
Nobunaga Saji 1, DG Cells 0

Episode 7: The Gang Beats Up A Nun
(No One Expects Diarrhea)

Eveylen 1 – Sister Mary Ann Temperance 0
Higgins 0 – Kidnappers 1

Episode 6: Christian Stuff Isn't Supposed to Glow Red and Black!

Nuns with Guns 1 – Lushes 0
Eveylen vs Sister Mary Ann Temperance – CLIFFHANGER!


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