Nobunaga Saji

Hawaiʻian Independence Party Pilot


Character Stats: (Number of Dice You Get)
Strength: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 5

Skills: (Roll Under Target)
Mecha Combat: 6
Personal Combat: 1
Social: 1
Field Ops: 3
Repair: 1
Medic: 1

Traits: Failing, Exuberant, Sneaky

Gundam Fighter
Model: GF15-001NA-HIP Kamehameha Gundam
Weapons: 2
Armor: 2
Technology: 5
Speed: 2

Calculated Stats: (Combined from Character Stats and Mecha Stats)
Attack = 7 (Weapons + Willpower)
Defense = 4 (Armor + Pilot’s Stat)
Engineering = 7 (Technology + Pilot’s Stat)
Movement = 4 (Speed + Pilot’s Stat)

Ninja Katana: (0/Impact)
Crotch Rocket: (3/Missile)
Bullshit Ninja Throwing Knives: (2)

Assassin: Spend 1 Overdrive to deal damage directly to the pilot and the mecha.
Sniper: Spend 1 Overdrive to treat any weapon like a range 4 weapon.


Leader and primary financier of the Hawaiʻian Independence Party, Nobunaga Saji is an international businessman. He specializes in facilitating the movement of goods and funds throughout the Pacific Rim and Asia. Approaching his 35th year as a professional salaryman, he has begun to hand off the day-to-day running of his empire to his children, various business associates and proteges.

He is now focusing on the pursuit of his life-long dream: obtaining independence for his homeland of Hawai’i, and living the most Thomas Magnum lifestyle he can. He owns the TV mansion. He has hired a Higgins. He “borrows” the red Ferrari 308 GTS that he owns and advertises himself as a private investigator. Two years ago, he bought the King Kamehameha Club and refuses to refer to the manager as anything other than “Rick”.

It’s not perfect, but Nobunaga Saji has never been happier. He barely hears the comments of “late mid-life crisis” or “mentally unstable”.

Nobunaga Saji

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