Super-Election! Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Neo America, F**K YEAH!!!

Bonus Scene: Alcohol, Bitch!

Anti-Corruption Party 1, Libertarian Party $
Evelyn 1, “Sabina” Hologram 0
Rolan 0, Drunkenness 1

Bonus Scene: The Queen's Dagger

Sir Max 1, Titlelessness 0
Cyborg-Corgis 1, Fur-free Pantslegs 0
Sir Max’s Composure 0, The Queen’s Commission 1
The Queen’s Hand’s Dignity 0, The Queen’s Dagger’s Ego 2
The Queen’s Hand Love, Sam Higgerman Love

Alliances Formalized
Team Kamehameha
(British Reclamation Party, Hawaiʻian Independence Party, Pride Party, Prohibition Party, Royal Privateer Party)


The Union of the Right/Reich
(Libertarian Party, Nationalist Front)

Episode 12: No Fist Bumps for You

Pirate Party Branding 0, Royal Privateer Party 1
Political Reality 1, Communist Party Fight Participation 0
Team Kamehameha 1, The Pride Party 1. Everybody wins!

Episode 11: Team Kamehameha

Sir Max 1, The Queen’s Hand 0
The Queen 0, Bad Tea 1
Saji 1, Gender Pronouns 0
Ethical Election Fight Rules 0, Conspiracy Business 1

Vote Results:
Coalition The Prohibition Party
Coalition The Hawai’ian Independence Party
Coalition The British Reclamation Party
Coalition The Pirate Party
Individual The Libertarian Party
Coalition The Communist Party
Individual The Nationalist Front
Individual The Pride Party

Coalition Rules Win, 5 to 3!

Episode 10: Put Your Faith in the Heart of the Horse!

Evelyn Rose 1, Spoiled Mob Brat 0
Sir Max 10, The Queen’s Hand 8

Episode 9: Blue Blazers!

Higgins 1, Getting Kidnapped 0
The Party of Parties 1, Bio Gundam 0
Nobunaga Saji 1, DG Cells 0

Episode 7: The Gang Beats Up A Nun
(No One Expects Diarrhea)

Eveylen 1 – Sister Mary Ann Temperance 0
Higgins 0 – Kidnappers 1

Episode 6: Christian Stuff Isn't Supposed to Glow Red and Black!

Nuns with Guns 1 – Lushes 0
Eveylen vs Sister Mary Ann Temperance – CLIFFHANGER!

Episode 5: Ass-to-Laser Coating

Evelyn 1 – Local Lushes 0?
Sir Max 1 – Potshot Taking Opportunists 0
Nobunaga 1 – Subject Zero 0


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